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Support for young artists of the new generation

For its second edition, the chamber music festival Les Volques organizes:


“Volques Generations”

Support for young artists of the new generation.


The Volques offer young people entering a professional course, the opportunity to participate in a concert of the Volques alongside renowned artists.



Recruitment on video in CNSM or European Grandes Ecoles, Pro-Quartet, etc.

Les Volques select three or four students for a concert.

Formed groups accepted.


Jury: Francois-Xavier Roth

Jean-Francois Heisser

Carole Roth-Dauphin


A Concert scheduled as part of the festival program and master-class organized by the festival for the young people selected (plan to be there three days beforehand).


The program of the concert proposed to the laureates is linked to the programming of the festival.



34 rue de la Garrigue

30000 Nimes

charles heisser.jpg
laure anne simon.jpg
Valentin Seignez-Bacquet.png

Charles Heisser

Frauke Suys

Valentin Seignez-Bacquet

Laure Anne Simon

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