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FRIDAY, OCTOBER 9 - 3 p.m.

Nîmes Theater Bar

Cross Portrait 1

Meeting around the work of LV Beethoven

With: Philippe Manoury, Jean-François Heisser and Christophe Paradas (psychiatrist and psychoanalyst)


Nîmes Theater Bar

Cross Portrait 2

Meeting around the work of Philippe Manoury

In the presence of the composer and with Gérard Berry (professor at the Collège de France) and Pierre Charvet (composer)


October 8 - 11

Corinne Schneider, musicologist and producer of the show  "Sunday Bach" on  France Music

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Composer but also pedagogue and media man, Pierre Charvet has a rich and varied career. 
After studying at the prestigious Manhattan School of Music in New York, he joined Ircam, a center for research and musical innovation in France. 
His musical language uses both the traditional instrumentarium and new sound technologies. 
Along with writing his work, he has also composed for film, theatre, television, multimedia and the visual arts. 
He is the author and presenter of programs for France 2, France 5, France Info and France Musique. 
After having been director of programs at France Musique, he currently holds the position of delegate for musical creation at Radio France.



Christophe Paradas, author of the book "The Mysteries of Art" published by Odile Jacob (2012)
is a psychiatrist, hospital practitioner, medical director of the Center François Rabelais, EPS Erasme
(Antony), psychotherapist and psychoanalyst.
An expert analyst in the ambivalences and twists and turns of our mental life, he lent his pen and his
voice to many books, articles, publications and interviews about Art, Aesthetics,
Disciple of Freud and traveler at heart in the footsteps of Elie Faure and André Malraux, it is in
fervent admirer of Camus, Hemingway, Proust, Bizet, Ravel, Beethoven, Wagner as well as
Bergman, Heiner Müller or the Japanese aesthetic that he opens up his great sensitivity and personality
polymorphic to each of them. From his wanderings and adventures, he comes back to us as a scout on the
mysteries of artistic, musical, literary, cinematographic or theatrical creation.



Gérard Berry is the son of a police commissioner and a maths teacher. He has two engineer brothers, one of whom, Michel Berry, his eldest, preceded him in the training course.
He is a former student of the École polytechnique,  and General Engineer of Mines. After graduating from the École des mines de Paris (1973), he remained remunerated as a researcher in this school until 2000, while first pursuing a State thesis in mathematics (defended in 1979), then pursuing projects within the National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation (INRIA) or the School of Mines, first in Rocquencourt, then in Sophia Antipolis. From 1980, his main line of research was the development of the Esterel language, which makes it possible to express the temporal synchronization of tasks and to prove that they run smoothly.
From 2001 to 2009, he was Scientific Director of Esterel Technologies.
From 2009 to August 2012, he was research director, on secondment from the corps des mines, at INRIA, where he was a member of the Indes project team.  and chairs the research evaluation committee.
From 2008, Gérard Berry teaches at the Collège de France, and has had there, since September 2012, the chair "  Algorithms, machines and languages”, while remaining an external collaborator of the INRIA Indes project (see above). Some of his 2007-2008 and 2009-2010 courses were given again in English at the University of Edinburgh in the course entitled "  Seven Keys to the Digital Future  » in collaboration with the Collège de France, INRIA and the Royal Society of Edinburgh.



Doctor in musicology, Corinne Schneider obtained the first prizes for History of Music and Aesthetics at the Conservatoire de Paris. Alongside her musicological research and writings on musical exchanges between France and Germany in the 19th century, she is interested in contemporary musical creation in France. She is a professor of History of Music in Conservatories, regularly invited to give lectures in Paris and in the region (Théâtre du Capitole de Toulouse, Folle Journée de Nantes, Arsenal de Metz, Grand Auditorium de Lyon, etc.) and works with orchestras and concert institutions as musicological advisor. Author of a biography of "Carl Maria von Weber" (Gisserot, 1998), of a study of the reception of Franz Schubert ("Reflets schubertiens", Fayard, 2007) and of an essay on "Travel Music" (Fayard, 2019), since 2008 she has produced several programs for France-Musique (Morning of Musicians, Postcards, Contemporary Portraits, Great Interviews, Crossroads of Creation, etc.) including "Sunday Bach" (since September 2017).

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