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On the occasion of the "Les Volques" festival and the visit of the composer Helmut Lachenmann, present in Nîmes during the concert week (from December 5 to 12, 2021), it is proposed to the students of the writing and music classes of Chamber to work on the works of this great composer, in the form of transcriptions of pieces taken from the "Kinderspiel", produced by the students of Adam Bernadac's writing class for some of our groups, in collaboration with the members of these latter. 

The idea is to associate chamber music groups and student transcribers, according to the good will of the interested teachers. 

On the other hand, Dominique Jayles proposes to form a group of CPES students, with variable geometry, dedicated to specific work on this project. 

Adam Bernadac agrees with these proposals and plans to also involve the analysis and musical culture classes. 

The highlight will be the MasterClass given at the Conservatory on December 7, 2021, during which the composer will comment, with the students, on the transcription work already undertaken. 

These works will be the subject of a public restitution on March 17, 2022 at the Théâtre Christian Liger. 

On the other hand, the festival also being centered on the work of Schubert, Chamber Music groups will be encouraged to perform works by this composer to complete the program of this restitution evening.

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