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Volques Workshops
atelier cuivre le spot nimes

Supported by the Department of Gard and the Drac Occitanie, and the City of Nimes, the Volques offer various actions in the districts of the city.

  • Gambetta Richelieu

  • Mas de Mingue

  • Lower Way of Avignon

The workshops offer the discovery of classical music of yesterday and today through a one-hour concert during which the public is asked to learn body percussion, dances, songs or even instrumental percussion.

During the show, the artists address the public, arouse the curiosity of the listener through question and answer games, and above all, unfold a story.

This active listening of the listeners is a strong way of experiencing the music through one's body.

These workshops are offered in connection with the festival program.

Initiated in 2020 at the Pont de Justice school and at the "  boarding house” of Abbé Pierre, thanks to the Théâtre de Nimes, these educational activities are perpetuated to offer the basics of musical practice and make children and families want to go to concerts and practice music.

  • body percussion

  • listening games

  • O Passo method

  • Singing and speech development

  • Use of small percussion

  • Work and reflection on the creative process.


Music is not only a means of expression taking place in the present moment, and an art accessible from an early age.

Recent neurological studies now demonstrate very clearly the impact of learning music on cognitive acquisitions in general, the capacity for empathy, affective and nervous development, and this from the life of the fetus.

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